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  • Procrastination

    You can see this in the beginning of parenting as compared to when the children are grown and leave the Such an important point for parents to hear and learn.

  • Christian Discernment

    Example, what is the proper goal for parents as they view their children?  That is so true and should be the goal of all Christian parents. So, if that is agreed, then the question regarding every single parenting decision and method becomes

  • The Pill & IVF

    It does speak of the responsibility of the parents to raise, provide and instruct their children in the Our recommendation would be to instead put that money to good use and become an adoptive parent

  • Kenosha Riots and BLM?

    Who doesn’t want to think wisely and carefully about the role and responsibilities of being a parent? That you love planned parenthood? That planned parenthood is not contrary to the gospel? My parenting should be more pleasing now than when I had my first child. villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents For too long, single parent homes have been the norm.

  • Dying to Self

    Parents do great harm in this area by excusing early on behavior that actually needs correction and teaching

  • The Essence of Sin

    This is a key purpose behind government rule and parental authority.

  • Friendship Revisited

    This is also a basic passage for all parents. A key part of biblical parenting is functioning as the Lord’s arm in the discipline/rebuke side of a

  • Family Devotions

    For little ones just get them up on the parents lap and cuddle while you do it. 

  • Apostasy (Introduction)

    song that essentially told them that the vast majority of them would go into apostasy, just like their parents

  • Read Your Bible

    Many parents were not taught it and are still deceiving themselves that it is not important.

  • The Sin of Impatience

    This is true within marriages, between parents and children, but especially within the church. 1 Peter

  • Why Church Membership?

    Children obey parents. Citizens obey governing authorities. Slaves obey their masters.

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