Systemic Racism?

We continue into the sordid mess called Social Justice that is sweeping our nation.

We believe that the bulk of what is said is either unnecessary or simply deceptive.

One of the points that is heard over and over again is the idea of systemic racism.

We must tear down these systems of racism. The problem with the police today is that they are a major cog in these systems of racism.

The reason black people are in prison is systems of racism.

The reason black home ownership is low is systems.

When teams over the last few years were trying to keep players from kneeling, it was evidence of these systems.  Not enough black owners. Not enough black front office employees.

So, today we want to give a little bit of our take on this whole thing and it will be fairly brief because we have spoken about it in various ways already.

Did you all know that the healthcare industry is racist? 

Here is how one article in a Christian publication said it: “Four months after COVID-19 brought the nation to a standstill, Americans are waking up to an inescapable reality: an uncontrolled virus is steamrolling the nation leaving death and devastation — with no end in sight.”

Well, we might argue just about every single claim in that sentence but we will let it pass. Instead we will go a bit further into the article, “And as the nation celebrated its Declaration of Independence, it became clear that, in the eyes of COVID-19, the proclamation '…that all men are created equal,' falls short. A July 5 New York Times article revealed, 'Latino and African-American residents of the United States have been three times as likely to become infected as their white neighbors,' according to new data released by the CDC.” (Ibid)

The article goes on to spout many of the well-known mantras of the day.  People of color are hurt by the virus far more than the white person because somehow racism makes it that way.

When people protest against shutting down states, it is not born out of a love for the people of color, but a love for whiteness.  “We’re not the ones dying.”

When testing sites open up, it has to be free so that people of color can take the test, and it must be in their neighborhoods so that they can go to get the free test.

The article then begins to make its conclusion, but notice how it is all premised on what is actually never proven: “It is clear that COVID-19 is highlighting the overwhelming racial bias of the healthcare system. It ranges from doctors making assumptions about their patients instead of taking the time to ask respectful questions and listen, to pharmacies assuming a morphine prescription is fraudulent because certainly a black person must be looking for drugs. Black women’s health is less researched across all conditions. This is especially alarming when it comes to conditions that could require surgery such as fibroids, which are far more likely to develop than in white women. And yet black women are often told the only option is a hysterectomy rather than a noninvasive approach. Black women are also two to three more times likely to die from pregnancy-related causes.” (Ibid.)

Anecdotes that fail give any real picture or real information.  But regardless, the healthcare system is a system of racism.

And the list could go on and on.

First, we would argue that the whole, so-called, conversation is unnecessary.

It is filled with empty words that seem to be so deep, but are without any substance.

The arguments are like the apostates described in Jude, clouds but without water; hidden reefs lurking just under the surface of water waiting to rupture the ship. Men and women reviling what they don’t understand.  All with a deeper agenda then to help push justice forward for all people.

Thomas Sowell, one of the great thinkers of our day is unimpressed with the arguments.  He has shown time and time again the ability to reveal that the roots of their arguments do not lie in truth, but in agenda-setting.

He points out that the arguments and goals are merely the natural outworking of the CRT and Social Justice movements, which are modern day forms of social Marxism.

In other words, this is a political movement, and not a justice movement.

Sowell makes the simple but powerful point that the claims of systemic racism are not something that can be specified.  Nor can you really test its truth claims. 

Rather it is a loose compendium of anecdotes that say a lot but have nothing really of substance. But if you ask the average person speaking about it you will hear the opposite.  They have bought the lie hook, line and sinker, and they are now committed to rooting it out.

This shows how effective the tactics have been in the schools and media in pushing this agenda. It is somewhat eye-brow raising how many anti-BLM folks are chanting, “Open up the schools” during this Coronavirus shutdown. They see the evil of the movement but then they want their children right back into the very system that is creating this. It tells us that there are serious disconnects on both sides of the divide.

If a police officer uses force on the black man and the officer is white, the presumption is racism.  Not just in the officer but proof that the system is racist.

How? Well it is obvious, if your system was not racist then this officer would not have done what he did to the man. Bam, all done, proof is given and riots may now commence.

If you counter it with the massive number of statistics showing that violence against a black man by a police officer of any color or gender is exceedingly low the response is that it too is a proof of systemic racism.

DiAngelo’s book, White Fragility, is now considered required reading for anyone who wants to be woke. The book will be reviewed by us very soon, but its whole premise is based upon the idea that the systems in place are opposed to the black person.

She takes great pains to make sure that every white person understands that they are racists. How? By first changing the definition of racism.

But then showing how even the most progressive person is still functioning in a system that is racist.

She seems to fail to grasp that if this is true, then she is a racist as well.  She is participating in the promulgation of evil, racist ideas that keep oppressing all black people in America.  Even those who don’t think they are really oppressed by the white man or the system.

It is laughable that she is given this level of serious acceptance when the logic of her book impales her, and everyone who is white who claims to agree with her. They speak out of their whiteness and they speak within the safety of the very systems that keep them safe and superior.

It is worth noting that the leadership of Penguin Random House has no blacks even remotely on it.  More shocking is that it is a white man who sits as CEO of its South African branch. 

But what you find is that woke Christian leaders are all bowing at the altar of whiteness and systems of racism that is pushed by a white woman published by white-led publisher that says that you are a racist not because you hate other races but you belong and participate in a racist system.

Second, the basic argument is flawed because it assumes what it cannot prove.

Ask a person why they think America is racist, and you will get a story.  Almost every single time some kind of story they read or heard or did themselves.

It could be that they point to the way police seem to single out blacks, or the fact that there is an overtly high number of blacks incarcerated. Perhaps they get nervous when they find themselves in a black neighborhood, giving evidence that they are racist.

But none of these are proofs.  At best they may be indicators, but they must be investigated to see why they are that way.

So by way of example. Does the white guy get nervous because he sees black people, or because he is in an area that is known for high crime? Or is it because he is getting hard stares that indicate he is not welcome?

With the police, why are they dealing so much with certain blacks? Is it their choice to go looking for them? Are they sent on a call with no say about it? Are they dealing with individuals who keep getting release on no bail or low bail, and then repeating their crime? Are they assigned to a primarily black district where the vast majority of their contacts are black? Did the crimes actually occur? Did the black comply with the officer’s commands? 

Example of this is the infamous Rodney King video.  Obviously it is proof that cops are racist and love beating down a black man.  But to all who hear this right now ask yourself a few questions:

How many blacks were involved in this situation?

How many resisted the officers?

When you hear about Rodney King, do you also hear about the other two black men in the car with him?  

Did you know that both of them were also ordered out of the car, and they obeyed the officers commands and were taken into custody without any problem?  Why didn’t they get so-called "beaten?"

But frankly, we aren’t allowed to ask these sorts of questions because they do not support the rant of systemic racism.

Once you argue that something evil is present, but no one can see it but the truly enlightened, then any chance of a reasonable dialogue is finished.

A basic argument for systemic racism is that a white person, especially a white man, live and move in a system that is designed to make them feel normal and right. But this is not true for the black person.  They are always aware of their blackness.

Because the white feels normal he is unable to see the bars that block opportunity for the black man. So the idea goes that the black person (or person of color) must always take their race into consideration. Why? Because of this system of racism.