Kenosha Riots and BLM?

Today we invest a small amount of time talking about the movement known as Black Lives Matter, and it is front and center for us right now as we both live in the city of Kenosha - where the latest police shooting occurred Sunday night.

Riots, looting, arson was the result, and that is only with a short notice for those who love violence in the name of so-called justice.  Tonight will be interesting to say the least.

Truly, it is just sad.  It is a time of mourning as we watch people we know again say the same tired phrases to justify what is not justified.

We are watching now our city begin to unravel. We have men who love Christ who are in the police and fire departments who must be faithful while the city and state officials will be unfaithful to them.

We watch wives who watch their loved ones go to stand on a line that is hated and despised.

So we grieve.

We also have many things to say about the BLM movement that were written up prior to this latest incident, and that is what you will hear from us.  Because none really changed because this man was shot.  Truth is still truth, no matter how many rationales and explanations are given to give an excuse to a lie.

Finally, we would also encourage you to listen to Just Thinking podcast by Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker. They continue to bring excellent content to this whole subject as two black men who love Christ and love truth. 

Black Lives Matter is one of the new mantras of social media, and it is the type that has almost no nuance to it and no middle ground. You are for it, or against it. If you try to straddle it in some way or another you will find yourself very uncomfortable in a short amount of time.

We want to talk a bit about the history of the BLM movement, then give a sense of its philosophy and worldview, and then give our opinion regarding the value of the movement.

Before we do this, we need to be clear about a couple of related subjects about which people are questioning us.  We want to come out up front and say that we are very pro- planned parenthood, and we see that black lives matter dovetails neatly with the entire movement of planned parenthood.

In fact we are really sick and tired of people who want to bash us as pastors, especially conservative pastors, who see planned parenthood as being antithetical to the Christian faith. Like, it is somehow anti-gospel.

Essentially those who do this type of name calling are simply showing themselves to be sour, bitter people who lack a basic sense of rightness. They certainly can’t seem to grasp the gospel and what the gospel tells us regarding the purpose and value of pregnancy and children.

So we want to be up front here and make it clear.  If you are not pro- planned parenthood, then you likely don’t need to be talking to us. We can say with quite a bit of certainty that you have little to contribute to the entire national discussion of BLM.

So, before we go any further we want to show you how closely connected BLM and planned parenthood are:

- They support two groups of people who are not protected by society in a meaningful way.

- They help educate people to see the value of every person.

- They promote a concern for healthcare needs to those who are oftentimes ignored or forgotten. Both groups are certainly marginalized by the community at-large, and BLM and planned parenthood both create forums where they can be discussed and helped in a myriad of ways.

-They are future thinking, creating a vision for what tomorrow might be if only we can change the minds of the public.

- They are success oriented. They both want the people to grow up and flourish as humans.

- They are biblically grounded by seeing the intrinsic value of every individual. 

- They are gospel-centered as they see that the effects of sin in the world harms these two groups and that we need to come up with standards and methods that help rescue them from the societal effects of sin.

- They are educational as they seek to grow our awareness of some of the unique needs that many of us don’t realize exist in their communities.

We could go on and on, but suffice it to say that Matt and I are exceedingly pro planned parenthood to the same degree that we are pro black lives matter.


Ok, so enough with this. What we are doing is simply showing the asinine way many Christians are approaching the whole BLM issue.  So let us clarify what just happened.

The words “planned parenthood” are neutral enough. Who doesn’t want to think wisely and carefully about the role and responsibilities of being a parent?

But is this phrase, “planned parenthood,” something we should be tweeting and posting? That you love planned parenthood? That planned parenthood is not contrary to the gospel? That loving planned parenthood is while claiming Christ is not a false claim? Of course not.

We love babies. We think making and having babies is a good and honorable thing. We want to exalt motherhood and children.

But in a biblical context.

We do not celebrate abortions, it is murder and those who vote for pro-abortion people are participating it those murders. It is that easy.

We do not celebrate pregnancy outside of wedlock. We don’t celebrate absentee fathers. We don’t laugh at the term “baby-momma” or “baby-daddy.”  We grieve when young men and women grow up without ever knowing what an intact family looks like.

And we think that the organization known as Planned Parenthood is vile, evil, criminal and hellish in every way.  Which is why we don’t use the term “planned parenthood” in our speech.  It is so tainted and so corrupted that it confuses rather than enlightens.

- And the same goes for BLM -

We hear people and watch people say things like, “Hey, you can be a Christian and Jesus follower and also believe that black lives matter.” We just roll our eyes at these sorts of things, like they are really brave statements, when they are not.

You have to be brain dead to claim to be a Christian and believe that the life of a black person has no meaning or value. It is a classic straw man, and it is virtue signaling at its best.

It is as mindless as how some are actually spending time debating the use of big/uppercase “B” or little/lowercase “b”  as if that really matters.  And those same folks doing that are the same ones whose FB and Instagram and Twitter feeds are silent about the utter genocide occurring in black communities throughout the nation with murders, rapes, robberies, and corruption. Drugs are devastating families. Single parenthood is the norm.  And do you read quotes and hashtags about how their lives matter?  Of course not, because those white evangelical folks are too busy virtue signaling about George Floyd, and the supposedly obvious racial imbalances in the police forces in America.

So let us be clear here. To try to say that we think the lives of black people don’t matter is a simple lie. But to think that this means we should use it as a slogan is wrong and we won’t apologize for it.

So with that said as bluntly as we can say it, we can talk briefly about the whole Black Lives Matter movement.

Our Biblical Lens:

To look at any movement, power structure, activity, philosophy or event requires a Christian to examine it purely from a biblical lens. What is sad is that this needs to be said, but it does.

Too much of what you hear and read is not flowing from a biblically sound perspective.  At best you get some bible passages that use the word “justice” or “poor” that are torn from their context and applied to the current situation.

Because preaching and teaching today in the churches is little more than a high flyover of bible passages by people who are committed to examine the biblical text.

So you have two streams of information flowing in too many churches.  The first is a semi-biblical stream that touches lightly on the text, but is so busy trying to show you Jesus in some way that they never actually help you see what God had written down. 

The second is a popular cultural stream that flows from whatever group you belong to.  Whether it is a right-wing or left-wing ideology is not important. If truth is defined by current events rather than current events defined by truth, then the Church has nothing to offer and nothing to lead the people of God to a sound refuge.

So the church is left to wander about with no real compass. You just need to love Jesus, follow Jesus’s words as defined by a elite group of folks who magically find His words to conform to their ideology and not get too caught up in biblical details.


Relatively new, only about 4-6 years since it hit the scene, but the philosophy driving it is much older and is borne out of the muck of CRT, Intersectionality and Social Justice models taught in the public schools and cemented in the colleges and universities.

It was not some grassroots, natural uprising that just happened.  It was a calculated move that waited for an opportunity to be unfolded. That opportunity came with the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012.

Here is what BLM’s website says, “Four years ago, what is now known as the Black Lives Matter Global Network began to organize. It started out as a chapter-based, member-led organization whose mission was to build local power and to intervene when violence was inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.”

So we see right away that it is a very focused group. It is not the betterment of the black community in general, but to “intervene” when violence is inflicted by the governing authorities and vigilantes.

Since Trayvon Martin this group then moved on to Mike Brown in Ferguson in 2014.

As a side note, the movement is not because of the deaths of Martin or Brown. Rather, they are using these deaths as the mechanism to keep pushing their agenda. To understand this is simple. Essentially 2 years go by between these two deaths. In that time a massive number of other black men and women are killed, but none of them fit the criteria to motivate unthinking rage among the general populace.

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