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So, who is Kanye?

I assume he is well-known because apparently you just need to hear his first name.

Someone give a bit of a background on him and his music.

Apparently back in 2016 he announced on a podcast that he was a born-again Christian.

Nothing major seemed to result from all of this for a time.

Now he is starting something called Sunday Services all around major cities in the U.S.

Apparently he started to attend a church plant out of GCC by a Master’s Seminary grad.

It is creating a bit of a stir in various circles.

What is interesting is the reaction it is getting.  

Sort of fun to just sit and watch it unfold.

The challenge is to get through the various statements to what is actually happening.  Hard to sift through it. Also to what degree is it of value to do all of that work?

Some are very skeptical while others are over the top excited.

Consistently there are statements about how we need to pray for Kanye and that it is true.

Our thoughts:

So, I (MH) know nothing about him.  So for me the initial reaction what, “OK, so?”  But this began to change as I see the many, many comments by various people regarding this whole thing.

Points of optimism with Kanye.

The initial reports were three years ago and there seems to be an encouraging trajectory taking place.

He is inviting some solid people to speak at his events.

Points of concern Kanye:

--- There is a marked lack of discernment as to who he invites to speak.

A simple example would be Rich and Dawn Chere’ Wilkerson.  This is not a solid place at all, but it is a celebrity place.

---- The names and places he tends to connect with are in the celebrity church world and little in that is commendable.

---- He is at best a very young Christian and it would be much better if he slowed down and learned at the feet of one or two solid men.  Ideally away from the spotlight.

---- He is doing big time productions with these Sunday Services which is a reflection of his past rather than out of a biblical conviction.  Again, because of his newness to the faith this should be shepherded.

We cannot know the condition of his heart; only time will reveal that and therefore we should be much more quiet than is happening. (frankly hard to even want to talk about this on the podcast).

With a nation in love with prosperity and popularity the apostates in the church who love a false gospel will be flocking around him.  It can’t be a pretty thing to see and I hope there are trustworthy men who can shepherd him through it and that he will submit.

He is a the top of his world and this is going to be interesting to see if he can see himself rightly with regard to leading, teaching, and such.

Greater concerns with the people watching this whole thing.

Why is he so well known in the Christian world?  I think it speaks more to the sad state of the Church as a whole as well as the individual Christian’s life in our country.

There seems to be a seriously poor grasp of what it means or doesn’t mean to be in friendship with the world.  Or the great warning James gives us about that idea. I looked up his lyrics and was stunned at the level of explicitness some of them had.  It made our sex, singleness and marriage topic all the more important.

You see people simply gushing over this whole thing and what is really interesting is how many are in the supposed “reformed” world.

If he truly is in Christ then… what?  Obviously it would be good and a point of thanksgiving.  But still….so what?

I see folks saying that they hope he really is a christian because then he can be a huge impact for the gospel.  As opposed to Joe or Jenny down the street who is actually and simply seeking to speak the gospel into those people around them?

Does being famous now break down the deadness of other’s heart?  Do people magically stop suppressing the truth because that truth is spoken by a famous person? Many folks show a marked level of inconsistency with what they claim to believe and how it actually looks in their life.

This next point is something that is hard to explain without sounding mean or small-hearted.  There is a big concern in how so many are calling suddenly for prayer regarding Kanye.

First, I wonder how many actually are praying, but that is just my cynicism. Nothing says sincerity and care like the praying hands emoji.

But the real issue is how many are urging prayer for their friend at work?  How many of them believe it is as important that their cousin needs to trust in Jesus as it is for Kanye?

This came to mind when John Piper had cancer.  All around the country a call to pray for him. People in our church were even doing so.  Meanwhile one of our members also was dealing with cancer. Not one call for prayer.

It is actually one of the reasons I do not share things for prayer to the church at large.  I speak to those close to me that i am confident of their prayers. I do not want to ever rob a person in my church of being prayed for because one of my needs became front and center.  I am content to know that my Father hears me because of Christ. I know my wife prays for me. And that is enough in itself.

On the other hand it is sad to see the level of snark and unkindness that others in the Church can exhibit over this.

If the angels in heaven rejoice over a converted sinner than ought not we?

Can we not at least show a level of optimism in the power of the gospel to save sinners?

Until we are gifted with omniscience, we should not too quickly say “yay” or “nay.”


The level of time some are spending on this is silly.  Each person should really ask if they are benefiting from following this whole thing and instead what they ought to be doing in their own little realm.

Give Kanye to the Lord.  He knows what He is doing and He alone can change a man’s heart.  Commit him and then move on….unless you are given a chance to speak directly to Kanye somehow.  If not, move on.

Consider your field of responsibility.  If it is true some skater dude invited Kanye to learn of Christ, then follow that guy’s example.  Who are you involved with for the gospel? Who are you offering to sit with and just talk about the Christian faith?  What are you waiting for?


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